Aayush Chugh, Director

Aayush has over a decade of experience working with leading technology companies, creating innovative products, leading hundreds of development projects and turning around 5 businesses. He has seen what works in innovation and what doesn't. He is a hands-on leader who works at the intersection of deep technology and social needs to provide technology solutions for the larger society.

Aayush also has vast experience leading social causes, including flood relief programs, poverty eradication programs, awareness programs, terror eradication  programs and fundraising.

He has led technology businesses on behalf of big technology giants, and currently works on many technology initiatives focused on spreading technology to the common man.

He has studied with leading schools, Daly College, International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad and read 100+ books on management, leadership and spirituality.

As a young Enlightened Master, Aayush seeks to bring back the Golden Age and uplift the collective consciousness of Humanity. He currently holds the seat of Technology Guruji.

More details are available on the LinkedIn profile.

Partner Network

Our partner network consists of several thousands of engineers across computer science, digital goods, manufacturing, construction, core engineering, utility engineering, etc.

We are well connected with leading management experts across the globe who lead diverse initiatives including technology companies, consumer businesses, consulting companies, governments, NGOs,  etc.

We work with our network to deliver innovation in any sector that is focused on cross-functional technology.