Medical Fundraising Communities

One of the biggest problems in the world today, is people not being able to afford medical treatments they need. We have the hospitals, we have the resources, we have the collective money, but there is economic inequality. Existing solutions like Ketto, ImpactGuru, DonateKart and local foundations are able to solve less than 5% of cases that come and many people just die waiting for the money to come.

Why is it so?

Technology Guruji, with his social service, commercial and charitable fundraising expertise, sees this as an easily solvable problem.

What can be done?

Chugh Foundation has partnered with Mayank Hospital and Blue Heart Foundation to combine our innovation expertise with their medical expertise. Mayank Hospital brings decades of experience in not just hospital and foundation management, but is also a market leader in building and selling hospital software. Together, we aspire to solve the medical fundraising problems that the world is struggling with today, to move towards a brighter tomorrow.

The global hospital services market is 20 Trillion $ industry, our R&D costs are not very high, customer acquisition is cheap and straightforward. This will turn into a social network without much attrition, and we can use facebook as a case study to demonstrate how much money social networks make. Without going into the exact details, we state that we are looking at an extremely lucrative business. 

This is a 20% finished R&D project which will graduate into a for-profit business. We will intelligently collect money and will not charge money from poor people for this initiative.