Find A Partner

A lot of people have great ideas. They want to change the world for the better. They brainstorm and discuss ideas with others, and are confident they are ready to make a dent in the world. However, they might want to have one or more partners in the startup journey.

Following are a few reasons why people want a partner in their startup journey:

We can help you find and attract the right partners at the right time. With our management expertise, we can tap into the right sources, to find the right people for you. With our political expertise. we can attract the right people to your startup. Whether you want a technical partner, a business-oriented partner or a general all-rounder, we have you covered! With the blessings of our gurujis, you will be advised on when and which people to trust in your startup journey. It is time for you to meet the right partners and make all your startup dreams come true!




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Pitching and Proposals 

Negotiation and Terms of Engagement