School Guruji

The biggest problem in the world today, is that enlightenment is lost after destruction of gurukuls and schools are not teaching basic life skills that gurus will typically teach. We have created a course called school guruji by combining teachings we got from world leaders, leading education institutes, top companies and the ascended masters. We are teaching basic guru parampara given in modern form. Teaching this course is called "satyug" or "golden age". All world leaders agree this is the only way to solve problems in the world.

Please find below the Syllabus we are recording for corporate training and mass education on enlightenment and blissful living. Our education guruji with PhD is rewriting it for schools, he broke it down into courses starting in 6th grade.



- Karma yoga

- Everyone is unique

- Children continue from family traditions

- what should i do with my life?

- goal setting

- science of continuous action

- value creation for self and others

4 levels of responsibility

- self, family, society and environment

- leadership

- what is god

- elders have taught this that

- trying to find god is a waste of time

- some people say miracles happen, but we must take continuous action for value creation instead of hoping for god to do everything

- should i wait for god to fix my life?

- common myths around god (with real life examples of what goes wrong)

- god is judging me

- god will punish me

- god will talk to me

- god will tell me what to do

- i need to do something to please god

- i can have as many kids as i want and god will take care of them

- god will give food to hungry people

- god will cure all the diseases

- god will give me money

- god will protect me from accidents and bad people

- my luck will change after some time

- I am god

- followers of god and non followers are two different categories of people.

- In reality everyone is just learning and growing and we need to live together happily

- Conflict

- why should i not hurt others?

- self defense

- what should i do when someone troubles me?

- what should i do when otheds do not do what i want them to do?

- Feelings (with examples)

- what are feelings?

- what do my feelings mean?

- should i do everything that feels good?

- should i do nothing that feels bad?

- recognizing feelings of fear

- what to do when i get feelings of fear

- what do i do when i get angry because I did not get what i want?


- how limited understanding leads to fear and fights

- triggering and persecution

- limited understanding as a source of all 99% problems in the world

- science of thought currents

- keeping thought currents in perpetual completion to see beyond limited understanding

- surrender and god consciousness

- Does this mean i should stop thinking?

- energy clearing

- chanting gayatri mantra for 15 minutes for energy clearing

- gayatri mantra will only clear energy and bring positivity, it will not perform miracles

- positivity as a source of courage to face failures and try something new everyday

Dealing with Unenlightened people

- Recognizing persecution

- Helping the person relax with triggered ego

- Establishing yourself as a mature, enlightened mentor

- Helping the person see beyond limited understanding, by giving positive thought currents

- Comforting the person by remembering guidance of god, so that the person feels guided and supported

What next?

- Combining all the teachings

- Surrender, set goals, take action to achieve them

- Live happily in eternal bliss!

Topics that will be strictly off limits of our course (although we know)

- vastu, pyramids

- give all your money to guruji and go to jungle

- predictions, astrology

- gems, rudrakshas, tarot, ouja

- krishna buddha vedas ramayana mahabharata quran bible etc

- Tantra mantra yantra

- prayers, temples, mosques, churches, monastries

- ancient history, the fall, holy war, divine wrath

- djinn, souls, spirits,

- reincarnation, judgement, heaven and hell

- healing, reiki, chakras

- third eye, akashik records, mind reading

- siddhis, extraordinary powers and energy bending

- soul contracts, soulmates, twin flames, karmic contracts

- channeling, expanding awareness and ascention

- out of body experiences, drugs, visions, downloads and energy portals

- angels, spirit guides, ancestor souls and salvation

- asanas, pranayama, surya namaskar and kundalini yoga

- ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy

- black magic , dark forces and anything violent or unkind

- commentary and opinions on existing religious clashes , politics and their history

This is a 70% finished R&D project which will graduate into a non-profit busines.