Open Dance Foundation

Open Dance Foundation seeks to use the power of dance and entertainment to solve one of the worst issues plaguing the world today.

95% + people in the world today are economically trapped, spending their entire lives working, without being able to socialize or spend time with new people.

They are sad and depressed because there is no fun in their lives. Drugs, diseases, fights, suicides, crimes, etc. stem from these problems. They can play pubg or watch youtube, but that does not provide substantial social interaction. We have the ultimate solution to bring social fun into the lives of the common man (with premium offerings for richer people).

Our flagship product DanceYay is solving a number of severe socio-economic problems at scale while providing an innocent, fun image for our users. We have a long waitlist of paying customers and great reviews from excited users. We have 3 focus areas:

- Building 2-way immersive organiser-led entertainment technology, first of it's kind. Changing microeconomics of entertainment industry, giving money to hyperlocal artists instead of concentrating it with few media houses. Has applications in comedy shows, meeting new people, ed-tech, e-commerce etc.

- Building the ultimate technology solution for the $25B-$1T consumer dancing industry. Many people want to casually dance but don't know what to do about it, we provide technology + event solutions for all kinds of dancing.

- Building cheap hyperlocal consumer party offering, solving the growing loneliness epidemic for working class.

All 3 scalable to $100B+ businesses, low-margin model, empty markets with no competitors, amazing social impact for the masses. DanceYay is forecasted to create 1 million + jobs and more with neighbouring verticals.

More details about the project are available in the pitch deck .

We are actively looking for partners interested in working on this important initiative. This is a 95% finished R&D project which will graduate into a for-profit business.