Open Funding Foundation

We are building the Infosys of Venture Capitalists. As of today, deeptech startups trying to do good simply do not get funding they need for R&D. Because while rich VCs want to help and there is no shortage of capital, they have to prioritise billionaires asking for money and limit number of investments. Smaller and mid-sized VCs can not afford to lose money and simply co-invest with bigger VCs.  We will get big VC's to pledge 1% + of exit profits and hire many VC executives to fund everyone.

Open Funding Foundation will invite applicants from all VCs and manage fund pools on their behalf.
In addition, we will invite direct applicants under brands representing common sentiments, PaisaBatRahaHai VC, FundingUthaenge VC and BhagwanApkaBhalaKarega VC. These will will be internationalised to local sentiments.

Startups will be evaluated and mass-mentored by Chugh Consultants' vast network of consultants. The entire operations will be guided under the blessings and expertise of Technology Guruji.

We are actively looking for partners interested in working on this important initiative. This is a 50% finished R&D project which will graduate into a for-profit business.