Mental Health Initiatives

The world today is suffering from an unprecedented mental health crisis. A majority of the population in developed countries is suffering from unbearable mental suffering. They are trying psychiatric medicines, psychological counseling addictions, finding purpose in life among other things, but nothing is working. Suicide rates and crimes are at an all-time high.

We have mental health solutions that actually work. We can fix everything from OCD to Bipolar Disroder to Schizophrenia to Dementia. No medicines or treatments. Solutions perfected with 15 years of R&D. Short recovery period.

Technology guruji is an expert mental health coach who has helped 15+ people recover 100% from all kinds of mental health issues. In addition to ancient knowledge of the human mind & body, we have deep expertise in modern psychiatry, psychology, hospitals and treatment procedures. While we do not support the modern procedures, we do have the expertise needed to reform and course-correct these institutes.

We got the 100% recovery therapies from a Canadian university who took them public in 2015. With our knowledgebase, track record, expertise in mental health, spiritual expertise and technology experience, we are uniquely positioned to eradicate mental health issues like polio.

Our Flagship Courses "School Guruji" and "Living Enlightenment" are leading this change and contain the needed skills for anybody to maintain a happy, mentally healthy life. However, mental health cases can often be severe and require additional care.

We are working on building technologies and partnerships which we will use to eradicate all mental health issues. We are actively looking for partners interested in working on these important solutions for humanity.