Where Does Money Come From?

Lot of people have big dreams. They want to make plans, gather resources, develop products/services and go-to-market. However, the standard question arises: where will the money come from?!

We would like to answer this question with the blessings and expertise of Technology Guruji. The modern world does not run on theories of economics, capitalism or communism. Money is managed as described in religious scriptures. 

Social Structure around Money

Most scriptures describe that society is divided mainly according to work-specializations, and categorized into four main work-types. These main work-types have traditionally been referred to as "caste" or "varna".

These are as follows:

Standard Money Generation

Depending on the type of activity you are conducting, money will come from a combination of different sources:

Raising Money

If you need money for a big cause, what can you do? The money can come in four ways, aligned with the 4 primary ways society is handling money:

If you live in an Islamic area or a territory ruled by laws of Sharia, many of these strategies will not apply to you. Islam promotes Islamic Finance as guided by the commandments of the holy Quran. You may approach an expert in Islamic Finance, or a religious expert to learn fundraising as per Islamic Finance. The holy Quran advises Muslims to give money to those who ask, and you should have an easy time raising money, provided you are willing to work for a halal cause. We do not provide expertise in Islamic Finance.

Money Sources


Business Profits




Loans, Grants and Awards