Living Enlightenment

In ancient times, everyone was sent to gurukuls where kids would be taught basic life skills and god consciousness, including enlightenment and blissful living. Using this, everyone lived in peace, harmony and prosperity under the guidance of the masters. As people stopped following these teachings and went astray, destruction of gurukuls followed. Today schools are not teaching enlightenment and mature life skills that gurus will typically teach.

Here are a few examples of what goes wrong when people do not learn Living Enlightenment:

Living enlightenment course is for gurukul education for the masses via internet-based ed-tech platforms. 

As of today there is nobody teaching enlightenment & blissful living in easy-to-understand, modern language that people can everyone can learn from.

There are many organisations like Eckhart Tolle, art of living, isha foundation, bhahmakumaris, iskcon that claim to be teaching these subjects. But those who attend their courses come back disappointed without having learned enlightenment or god consciousness that actually works in real life. To make things worse, people who attend most of these organizations suffer from confusion, mental health issues and religious fears which will prevent them from effectively functioning in society.

We are solving all these problems with our modern, easy to understand "Living Enlightenment" course for everyone.

For exact syllabus and course content we are recording, visit "School Guruji" .